We can make stickers with a wide range of speciality materials including metallics, glow in the dark (luminescent), fluorescent and ultra destruct to name a few.

If you have any enquiries for these products please email us for a quote. Below we will cover the three general materials we use day to day for our stickers.



The High gloss finish is a very popular choice and it works well for many applications. Whenever you need a material to show off your logo on a product or something eye catching in advertising, gloss really brings the colours to life.

Don’t forget these can be cut to any size and shape and printed with your custom designs.



Another popular choice is our Matt vinyl. Aesthetically a lot of customers prefer the modern matt look for there stickers. One of the attributes that Matt vinyl has is its easy to write onto and pen adheres to it well. This makes it an ideal choice for applications such as maintenance and testing stickers where record keeping needs to be kept.

Don’t forget these can be cut to any size and shape and printed with your custom designs.


When you want your product showing through the sticker, or for printed product seals for eg we use our Gloss clear vinyl. One of the other applications we use this material for is to create a window sticker with an adhesive. To achieve this we reverse print the image and then laminate the sticker with a white vinyl, which gives the affect of having the adhesive on the face of the sticker.Please enquire for details.

Digital inks have slight transparency when printed onto clear, so be aware that dark surfaces may appear to alter the print colour.



What a fantastic way to to advertise to potential new customers or clients everyday for a small outlay. Created on white or clear static cling for easy application, and removed leaving no residue.

We can also make these with adhesive too please enquire for details. Don’t forget to try our price calculator for an instant quote and purchase your stickers today



Vehicles are the ideal advertising space. For a small cost you’ve got an advert for your company being seen daily, all day long. They are a proven way to drive new business to your company.

All our vehicle stickers and made from vehicle grade vinyl and come laminated with a Matt UV laminate as standard! They all arrive on application tape so they’re very easy to apply.


Wall art is an Instant way to transform any home or work space, they can also be used for low cost advertising or visual help and guidance for your customers. They can be cut to any shape and design and are supplied on application tape for easy use. Please enquire for details.

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